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Calls of Gun Control after Sandy Hook Tragedy is Ignorant of USA Constitution

December 27, 2012

In light of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in the American state of Connecticut, the predictable calls for gun control have run rampant. The problem is that virtually all of it that is coming from outside the USA is ignorant and negligent of the US Constitution that enshrines the right to bear arms. It’s irrelevant if some people interpret that in their particular way (usually to suit their agenda or political persuasion), the US Supreme Court has consistently upheld that amendment.

The word “arms” means armaments, or weapons. In theatre of war, that means guns or greater, as would have been the intention of founding fathers, if their fear of a federal government becoming oppressive ever proved true. When you say an “arms race”, it’s not a race for the most knives or slingshots. It’s the firepower to match the need of the potential conflict. Indeed, if the federal government became oppressive, any so-called militia now would be grossly under-armed.

More importantly from that amendment is the notion of freedom. Pro-gun American see this as an absolute test of freedom, even if the potential threat of government oppression is minimal. You strip any sort of rights to guns, you are stripping freedom.

Then there’s the culture. Outside the US it’s unlikely anyone can appreciate the highly entrenched nature of gun ownership, or the right to own a gun. President Obama also supports this right (at least he says he does) and he’s as far left as any recent president. Virtually all commentary that advocates gun control or a ban is based on total ignorance. It won’t happen. Even the proposed assault weapons ban only bans new sales and imports, and would do nothing about the millions already around that would take hundreds of years to disappear from the country. When the assault weapons ban was active, it did nothing to curtail shootings anyway. Unless the US follows the example of Australia, which banned them outright and offered an amnesty of a government “buy back” to help appease the owners, the notion of a real ban is dead.

There’s only one solution: changing the culture. That will lead to a change in the second amendment. Until then, we despise the US for interfering with affairs of other countries, so let’s reciprocate and relent on the pompous moralising of their affairs. Americans love their guns. They are aware of the consequences. They are aware of various alternatives. It’s for them to sort out themselves.

Let’s also dismiss the factor of autism/aspergers disease of the shooter. That’s a cop-out and typical of many looking for excuses other than the blinding obvious: a moron, in a gun culture, and in a culture that glorifies violence in film and videogames, with easy access to guns.

No gun laws would have stopped this crime because they were his mother’s guns, all of which obtained legally. As previously stated, change the culture and maybe the mother would be happy with just a pistol.


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