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Labor preparing for post-armageddon

April 8, 2013

Following on from instigating the so-called leadership challenge a few weeks ago, Simon Crean and his rebel band have spent the subsequent time slamming their own government over its superannuation raid and general class warfare, even to the point of saying people on 250k per year could be “still struggling”. Superficially this strategy seems at odds with the leadership stunt that was actually designed to fortify Julia Gillard’s position as prime minister. The reality is that Labor is preparing for its future, and it also wants to ensure this future is without former PM, Kevin Rudd. This is where Gillard and Crean remain firmly in cahoots.

Labor’s future is quite simple: they’ll somehow win the next election or they face armageddon. A win and Labor continue as usual; a loss and they need creditable survivors to mop up the annihilation. Labor is so low in the polls now that the criticism from Crean and co won’t have any effect. So its purpose is to portray a different Labor, one that will be there to pick up the wreckage and lead the new ship. Along with Crean, already contrived to be in quarantine from the ills of the Gillard government are the likes Ferguson, Bowen, Husic, Carr, Fitzgibbons and even Anthony Albanese, who retained his more managerial role as leader of the house, rather than stuck solely in an untenable role as undignified ministerial stooge.

Post armageddon, Crean will almost certainly be opposition leader, with Albanese as deputy. Chris Bowen will be lurking as understudy. Rudd will be conspicuous by his total exile. Initial periods in opposition are typified as irrelevant as the new government enjoys its honeymoon period. If it all goes well, Crean may survive until the following election. More likely he’ll be the one to rebuild the Labor structure for someone else to publicly provide the fresh face. If Labor do win, these rebels will eventually eke themselves back into senior positions. Right now, Labor needs to cover the most obvious contingency. That contingency is the period post-armageddon.


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