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Warrior’s Video Games of 2013

January 5, 2015

27 January 2014

It’s firmly been the year of the 3DS. I barely touched the PlayStation 3, and who can be bothered sitting at a desk to play a PC game when your day job is at a desk in front of a PC? It should be noted that a total of 22 weeks in a sling and then a cast from a broken collarbone and wrist as a result of bicycle crash, does inhibit one’s ability to pick up a controller.

From the 3DS Activity Log, the games played the most this year…

Mario Kart 7 64:54
Street Pass Plaza 18:33
Fire Emblem Awakening 9:35
Star Fox 64 8:30
Pokemon X 5:35
Steel Diver 4:11
Nintendo eShop 4:00*
Fire Emblem Awakening (demo) 1:24
Activity Log 1:08*
Aqua Moto Racing 0:58
*3DS utilities

Overall Time 125:49
Overall Titles 30

Total Steps 518, 717 (mostly since June)

Games Played Elsewhere

Gran Turismo 6 (PS3)
Audiosurf (PC)
Audiosurf2 (PC)
Hill Climb Racing (Android)
Solitaire Classic (Android)

Let’s just say that after starting my gaming life on NES, and progressing through all the Nintendo systems (except Wii) and PlayStations, these days I’ve very much settled on 3DS. Simply it’s classic Nintendo and Nintendo makes the best games. If you’re not into first-person shooters, sprawling role-playing or hack-and-slash games, or anything with gratuitous violence in it, the gaming scene is totally stagnant on home systems. The PC is especially bad where being anchored to a desk precludes social multi-player games, wiping out sports and many driving games as a relevant genre. Even on the 3DS, it was relatively quiet in terms of total hours, and Mario Kart 7 is hardly revolutionary. It just happens to be a brilliant and most refined example of one of my favourite series ever, and have enough friends that also love it. Even though the latest incarnations are serious advances, Pokemon X/Y and Fire Emblem Awakening are also from long-established series. The PlayStation’s multi-media aspects has always made it appealing. PS3 is my only Blu-ray player, and PS2 was bought for its DVD capabilities. All PlayStations I’ve owned were purchased at discounted prices long after the initial release. Whereas Nintendo, I’ve latched onto them much earlier, with SNES, N64 and GameCube all bought at launch.

Game Of The Year

Fire Emblem Awakening 3DS! I’ve never been one for Japanese RPG-type games. This is not quite like others, being more focused on open battles and strategy. I played in solidly all through September, only stopping when I moved onto other games. I need to get back to it.

Pilotwings 3DS is next. While an old game, it’s one I only just acquired, waiting for it to become cheap. It hasn’t disappointed with some really great, quirky missions.

Pokemon X is another notable of the year. It’s my first ever Pokemon, so I wanted to get in on some of the hype. It’s done really well, and only that it seems returning to your strongest Pokemon given at the start (in my case I chose Froaky) to win battles, that the strategic side seems lacking. When is the whole team needed? I’m also still trying to understand much of the structure so haven’t progressed a great deal yet, only clocking in 5 hours.

Gran Turismo 6. Yes, more of the same, only with more to it. It’s not much more than a polished version of GT5 with added tracks and cars. Still, for a fan, I wish it went further and provided all tracks ever used. Some notables missing, particularly Midfield Raceway, Tahiti Road, Grindelwald and Seattle. Wait, they were all in GT2, which I still regard as the best of the series.

Last and not least, Mii Plaza 3DS. Yes, that silly little Mii game offered by default, this was the year I really engaged in the StreetPass Quest component of it. I clocked in 18 and half hours of play time with it. What does that say?


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