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Adam Goodes started this divisive chaos, only he can stop it

August 2, 2015

02 August 2015

Adam Goodes started all this divisive chaos. Crowds didn’t just spontaneously boo him for no reason, and he’s been aboriginal all his career. He’s been tacit in virtually the entire media, the AFL and even politicians ascribing boos against him as widespread and entrenched racism. The snowball effect started when Hawthorn fans booed Goodes because he’s a poser and a cheat; it manifested when Goodes became divisive about modern Australian society; and, then it went crazy when Goodes did a provocative and incendiary spear-throwing “war dance” at opposition supporters during a match. The media’s dissection of each event would always then conveniently reach the same agenda-driven conclusion: racism. While racism is disgusting and pernicious, so is its direct opposite: false claims of racism. Many that love throwing the tag of racism around don’t seem to fully understand its ramifications, therefore don’t understand the magnitude of resentment to be falsely called a racist. Fans are now retaliating to that.

Right now, the division is not even about Adam Goodes. On one side it’s the sanctimonious and almost exclusively white media and AFL sycophants desperate to portray football fans and Australian society in general as racist, and on the other side it’s football fans voicing their vociferous disapproval and the right to boo any villain they perceive. It’s so bad now that Geelong’s coach even threatened that to still boo Adam Goodes makes you a racist and a bigot, and that every single story splashed across every media outlet, whether that be newspaper, TV or internet, is sympathetic to Adam Goodes the victim. That’s right. Adam Goodes, champion footballer, winner of two premierships, two Brownlow Medals and living a pampered luxurious life, is a victim. Whereas the poor, humble football fan, that dislike footballers staging for free kicks, that dislike a 13 year old girl harshly being made “the face of racism”, that dislike being made guilty living in their own country, that dislike imaginary spears being thrown at them, and, most of all, dislike being told who they can boo, they are all racists, bigots and full of hate.

Thing is, the media and AFL community have little choice than join in the chorus of vilifying their constituents. Just try to say it’s not racism and you can’t for fear of mass condemnation. Only a few commentators and ex-footballers have tried, all in vain. You just wonder about the broader narrative now being presented of Australia to the world. Australia, the endemic racist nation that boos its footballers because they are black. It’s ridiculous. So it’s only Adam Goodes, the linchpin in this mess, that can stop this monster that’s been created. He doesn’t need to apologise for anything; nor does he need to regret anything he’s said. He simply needs to hold a press conference with the AFL to say that this insanity has gone way too far. He needs to slap the media down a peg or three. He needs to say that Australians are not racist and the booing has become more pantomime than anything else. Most of all, he needs to say his goal is to unite us all. After all, he is an Australian of the Year. He’ll then exit the football field as an even greater Australian hero than he was before this chaos started.


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