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Warrior Factor – 2015 in Review

January 10, 2016

10 January 2016

Happy New Year!

Seventeen new posts made it a busier year than remembered. Most were earlier in the year, before a late rush when cycling, Melbourne Cup and Star Wars were prominent in the news. Responding to news actually proved to be the main trigger for posts, with former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s leadership woes, the death of the Ultimate Warrior, the federal senate inquiry into the nanny state, separate racism controversies involving Dawn Fraser and Adam Goodes, and New South Wales’ appalling assault on cycling.

Warrior Factor - 2015 in Review

1) Australia – the land of cycling hatred

There’s nothing more upsetting than an assault by government on our basic freedoms, and nothing in Australia is under more assault than cycling. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it did, when the state of New South Wales raised fines against cyclists to obscene levels and made it illegal to ride without personal identification. In exchange? Motorists should try keep a metre clear when overtaking a cyclist otherwise face a pitiful fine if striking them. This post was written 9 days before the end of the year and went viral compared to anything else, with twice as many views as the next best. In fact, nearly all views of the post were made on one day: 30th December 2015. In 2016, it’s already been viewed more times than the second most viewed post of 2015.

2) Australia is at it again – turning more cyclists into criminals

This post came in response to an idea from Melbourne City Council to ban cyclists from certain streets, and NSW’s idea of ID for cyclists. While Melbourne hasn’t (yet) banned cyclists from anywhere, the NSW Transport Minister did get his way with ID. As usual, no evidence was provided to show a problem needing to be fixed. It was more of the same backward legislative ideas designed mostly to placate motorists.

3) Compared to Estonia, Australia is so backwards

Amazing how there’s a reverse chronological order of posts that begin with the notion of Australia being backwards and ending with unequivocal proof! Ideas for this post fermented for many months before finally being written and posted on Australia Day. There’s been a few small updates since, and a section about Australian Rules Football.

4) Queuing for dim sims is not like it used to be

About the changes of buying Dim Sims at the South Melbourne Market over the decades, this post from 2014 benefitted from being linked in the Compared to Estonia post.

5) Australia the arse end of the world for cycling

Also from 2014, and also linked in the Compared to Estonia post.


The next most viewed posts from 2015 are the spoiler-free review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Tony Abbott’s initial leadership woes and my thoughts about Nintendo’s new 3DS and travelling in Japan with it.

Speaking of video games, Warrior’s Video Games of 2015

Where are you from?

Almost entirely from the 5 main English speaking countries: USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Australia dominates, of course, with 64% of all views, then follows the UK and USA. Most obscure (with at least 5 views) is Pakistan, and nice to see Estonia ranked 16th of the 63 countries that provided visitors.


Let’s hope 2016 becomes a year more about principle and less about shrill politicisation. Australia is at a crossroads with its demand for an ever increasing welfare state without a realistic means to pay for it. Either taxes go up, in which we all should contribute at least a little, or so-called middle class welfare (an oxymoron if ever there was one) is slowly wound back. We also need less hysteria and more freedom. Any chance of that?


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