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Star Wars: The Last Jedi – who is Rey?

December 13, 2017

13 December 2017

After Star Wars: The Force Awakens, much speculation surrounded the identity of Rey, who were her parents, and why was she dumped on Jakku.

No, Luke Skywalker is not her father. Remember, the Jedi are forbidden to bonk! Besides, that’s all too convenient.

Is she Leia’s daughter, and therefore Kylo Ren’s brother? Again, that seems a bit too convenient, Han Solo doesn’t know about her either, and Rey’s knowledge of Han Solo is only as a smuggler. Perhaps she had a different father? We might be on the right path here.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - poster

Noting that this current Star Wars saga follows many of the same plot-lines from the original saga, Rey’s father is most likely the same as Anakin Skywalker’s – she had no father. She was an immaculate conception – conceived by the midiclorians. Possibly Leia was the mother, not that it’s relevant – other than the child would have the craziest midiclorian count ever! Whoever it was, the child was identified as hyper sensitive to the force, and Luke and Leia decided her path lay elsewhere.

Even if we presume Rey’s mother is Leia, and possibly her father is Han Solo, why was Rey dumped on Jakku?

Much like when Leia and Luke were separated at birth, so must be the two newest most powerful exponents of the force. If one went dark, there was need for another to restore light. The separation also acted as the ultimate test to determine if Rey was the next “chosen one”, and whether she, herself, was ready to fulfil her destiny. Despite the strong pull to stay on Jakku and hope for her family to return, she ultimately had to break that connection, discover Luke’s light-sabre, understand and harness her nascent powers, and then find Luke. Only with the Force as her strong ally could she achieve this.

Who dumped Rey on Jakku?

Leia, of course!

The key proof is when Leia and Rey reunite at the end of the film. Up to this point, Rey had no idea the woman that dumped her on Jakku was now leader of the Resistance. Upon seeing Leia, you can clearly see in Rey’s face revelation, realisation and then relaxation that General Leia was the one that dumped her on Jakku. Rey now fully knew her role in the universe, knew why all the events of her life had happened, and knew she was the one to find Luke.

The next mystery: Who is the last Jedi?


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