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What about “Man” and “Woman”, Justin Trudeau? Peoplekind depend on it!

February 7, 2018

7 February 2018

In light of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s assertion that “peoplekind” is the preferred word to “mankind” because it’s more “inclusive”, maybe it is time to find new words for “woman” and “man” too. It’s not even the case that Trudeau is so entranced in his vacuous social engineering drivel that he forgot “humankind” is already the politically correct term, it’s that he’s so subservient to identity politics to comprehend that “man” refers to the human species, not the male human, so in essence it’s men being cheated by a lack of a gender-specific word. Explaining it to him? Don’t waste your time. These people have such entrenched agendas that there’s simply no capacity for reasoning or rational thought.

Justin Trudeau representing peoplekind

Justin Trudeau representing “peoplekind”. Image: bbc/reuters

Of course, “human” and “humankind” contain “man”, as does “woman”, so it won’t be long until the likes of Trudeau is triggered into saying that calling a woman a “woman” is not inclusive. So it’s best to intercept the problem before the it becomes even more ludicrous. Curiously, these problems still persist despite the recent progress we’ve made with gender fluidity and self-identification, where a man can be a woman and a woman can be a man, and therefore “man” now is gender neutral, just as it always was before the feminist and socialist elites attacked it as a symptom of our alleged sexist and misogynist civilisation.

In finding a new word for “man”, let’s all note we we are talking about “man” the species, not the male human. Therefore the male human will stay known as “man”. Whereas for “woman”, it is explicitly for the female human that we have seriously, cataclysmic problems, for it contains “man” and therefore suggests women are a subclass of the male human. We’re also not interested in the even more nonsensical attacks on words like “history” (contains “his”) and person (contains “son”). Although, with the new word for man the human species, there’s nothing stopping those words evolving.

Let’s meet our new words!

Wirl – formerly “woman” (as in female human)

Yes, to all you wirls out there, embrace your new word! It’s merely “girl” with a “w” replacing the “g”. Don’t worry, the etymology has been checked and “girl” has always been female, possibly even gender neutral in some languages from which it was derived. There’s also no other common use for “wirl”, and the current abbreviation of “w” for woman can remain. So for all women, or wirls, out there, it’s time to embrace your new, unequivocally gender-specific word. Wirl!

Gog – formerly “man” (as in the human species)

No thought or reasoning behind this, it simply popped into my head as something unique, distinctive and short – and can easily substitute for “man” in any word. Even better, there’s no current use of the word so we gogs can own it. Remember, we’re not changing human to hugog because, in time, “human” will fade in general language as gog assumes control. In words containing “man” that are gender-neutral or relating to the human species, “gog” is the replacement. Example: gogkind, gogpower and gog of war jellyfish.

What about “male” and “female”?

Drop the “ale” from female and you have “fem”! “Fem” is already such a common prefix for words relating to women, or wirls, that it should become a word of its own. Not only that, wherever “man” or “men” form parts of a female-related word, they should be replaced with “fem”. Example: femstration and femopause. Too easy!



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  1. :^D hahah. I expect ‘peoplekind’ was explicitly chosen because ‘people’ is warm and cuddly whereas ‘human’ just sounds like a slightly less-dumb ape 🙂 Gogkind has entered a new age.

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